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Lab members

Principal Investigator

Daniel Fazakerley

Daniel is from the UK and studied for his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and PhD at the University of Bath. Daniel’s PhD, under the supervision of Professor Geoff Holman, focussed on the glucose transporter GLUT4 in cultured muscle cells and primary cardiomyocytes, and how both insulin and energy-status signalling (i.e. AMPK) regulate GLUT4 traffic. After his PhD, Daniel was awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship to undertake his postdoctoral work in Professor David James’ group, initially at the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia, and then at the University of Sydney, Australia. While in Professor James’ lab, Daniel Fazakerley used cell culture and in vivo models in combination with proteomics to find new regulators of insulin action in adipocytes, and new drivers of insulin resistance. In particular, Daniel became very interested in the role that mitochondria, and oxidants produced in mitochondria, cause insulin resistance. In 2018, Daniel was awarded a UKRI/MRC Career Development Award, and in May 2019, established his own laboratory at the Institute of Metabolic Science, University of Cambridge, UK.


Outside of work, Daniel likes basically all sports and crime fiction (reading or watching). He regularly plays squash and five-a-side football. He wishes he could still play rugby. He is an Everton fan, which has helped him get used to disappointments, which are common in scientific research.

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Amber Shun-Shion, PhD - Postdoctoral Researcher 2022-2023 (Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at AstraZeneca)

Mae Tabbada - Rotation PhD Student 2023

Jade Scardham - Summer Student 2023

Emily Naden - Summer Student 2022

Marco Dupuis Rodriguez - Summer Student 2022

Harry Baird - Research Assistant 2021-2022 (Current position: PhD student at ETH Zurich)

Dougall Norris, PhD - Postdoctoral Researcher 2019-2021 (Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at UNSW)

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